My Past and Present - Dyanne Yellowlight is a internationally known certified psychic, clairvoyant, and medium who can help you with your relationships, love life, and career.

Dyanne Yellowlight - Psychic, Clairvoyant, Empath, and Holistic Minister who can help you with your relationships, love life, and career.
I am Dyanne Yellowlight. 

Welcome Blessed Spirit!

I am a Psychic and Clairvoyant,
an Internationally Certified Intuitive-Empath,
an Ordained Holistic Minister, and a 
Life Coach with over 40 years experience


My genetic family roots are of psychic gender.  At the age of 5, I was using my intuitive gifts unaware of my special abilities.  After intensive study towards a Bachelors of Metaphysical Science, B MSC, and extensive training; I have mastered my intuitive clairvoyance to the highest degree.  For the past 40 years I have traveled internationally using my psychic and clairvoyant skills with those of different nationalities, educational levels, beliefs, family structures, genders, and ages.  Along with working with individuals, I have also held psychic workshops and seminars.  Monthly Psychic Readings Membership - Get a Psychic Reading every month.

I believe that negativity is only a small part of our experiences for life's lessons.  This is not a scenario based upon "who we are and only what we experience".  Learning to transcend these experiences will bring one back to the Authentic Self which allows one to create the positive that we are seeking.


I truly believe that "what we believe is what we create."

Negative experiences create a false sense of self.  This is what we are usually told and go through.  Once the false belief is understood and released, then the Authentic Self will create the Real Life Path.  Life, relationships, love life, and careers will have a different outlook and meaning.  Faith, Hope, and Love will be restored.
I work with many methods to transcend each client's life into this new thought process through astrology, numerology, energy transference, visualization, color, sound, aroma, word connections, meditation, prayer, and of course, this is only possible through the Divine.  Finding the combination to the methods that will transcend the client is the Gift that Divinity has Blessed me with.
At 26, I was given and accepted the calling.  I take this mission to my heart and my conviction is very sincere.  I also have had many painful lessons of negativity to overcome as well, and keep transcending this in my every day life.  The more free one becomes, the more creativity and connection to the Divine Power one will have to "create, create, create... those positive experiences".

I am available to guide you and support you, as I have guided thousands of others.  Self does matter and you are the self that can transcend to Joy, Peace, Happiness, Love, and Abundance.  The advantage to getting a psychic and clairvoyant reading is to know in advance of your decisions the options that are available to you, and the ramifications and consequences of those decisions.


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