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“Amen”  We Have Arrived…;

“Amen” We Have Arrived…;

Now that we have “Arrived” were we’re at, at the “Peak” Of the “Collapse” of the “Evil” ruling the “Flesh”.. To Co-Create Building the”Heaven” On “Earth” in Flesh…. Are you ready to “Let Go”? Plus “you’ve” walked the road of “Hell” in flesh.. Aren’t “You” ready to give up the “”Struggle”.? Becoming the “Souls” you… More >>>

Remember…”You Can,..You,… Will…..You Are…Why?

Remember…”You Can,..You,… Will…..You Are…Why?

Because You’re a “Soul” that has come here, At this “Precious” time to “Help” live through, To “Learn” from, To”Heal” from, To “Co-create”…. “Heaven” on “Earth” To “Build” the “Original Divine Plan”… After “We” walked through Human “Sin”… Ponder…”How” would “We” have appreciated… “Heaven” if this plan wasn’t put into place? Now, “We” get to… More >>>

Every Day Our Psych Is Changes…Why?

Every Day Our Psych Is Changes…Why?

Why…….? Since we are “Ending” The “Old” cycle.. Moving into the “New” cycle…”God’s Order, The way one handles the “New” way of, Giving and Receiving …will need to be done differently. Disengaging from “All” the confusion. Anger, Frustration, and “Evil” rule… Will need patience, learned “New” ways to “Help”diffuse the “Last” of the “Destructive” times… More >>>

Remember….We Are In Constant Changing Times Of Our Psych

Remember….We Are In Constant Changing Times Of Our Psych

So very “Important”….to “Remember” We are going to be facing Daily things that make all “React” to situations… Instead of “Responding” to them. This is “Normal” at this time. However, we all must “Learn” to Shorten these “moments” so we can come Back to “Balance” be able to “Resolve” The issues that are facing us.… More >>>

Mental Heath Healing a MUST

TODAY, because we’ve LOST our OWN IDENTITY…. We become the IDENTITY of what OUR society is teaching  us. NOW is the TIME to change the THINGS that are PROGRAMMING… OUR children, our way of living, our emptiness… SO we can CREATE and INVENT ourselves to BE the ABUNDANCE of all the POSITIVE emotions.. NOT the… More >>>

New Consciousness Thinking in a New Millennium

This can become the BEST part of this PROCESS… When we HAVE to change ANYTHING… At FIRST is seems, feels not COMFORTABLE. This is NORMAL… What’s NOT normal…is to LIVE in the STRESS of it ALL. The ONLY reason we LIVE in the stress…. Is BECAUSE we have LOST the SOLUTIONS… Which LEADS to having… More >>>

HELP, I’m Losing Myself!

Ever felt like your LOSING yourself? In this TIME frame this is PART of the process. It’s how you HANDLE this FEEL that is so important. Learning to RESPOND and not REACT is the KEY. To DO this you MUST learn to step back…. Get OUT of the EMOTIONAL MIND thought PROCESS.. DELETE that THOUGHT….Take… More >>>

What’s Going on in our Live’s?

One thing for sure… It’s EXTREMELY off the GRID.. Suppose to be for our HIGHEST good. We’ve NOT been able to have a VOICE for so long.. OUR system has let US down. The DIVINE plan is ALLOWING for ALL of this to happen. IMPORTANT to NOT let the SOUL to drift into The DARKNESS… More >>>

Today Our Children are the Change Our World Needs

We as a  race have been dealing with the NEGATIVITY of the power of thinking.  WE NOW have come into the ERA of “THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING“Away to turning the WORLD in another direction. MANY of us OLD souls are TIRED..WE must NOT discourage our children WITH thinking  THEY DONT know the way to… More >>>

Today We Are The Change For Our Future

Important to understand, know we as a HUMAN race are in the HUGE process of real change for the HIGHEST good for ALL future souls. IMPORTANT: Lets not discourage our CHILDREN for standing up for themselves. We MUST come back to the “POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING“. What we think/believe today…is what our tomorrows will be.… More >>>


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