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Is Your Heart Clean to Receive Your Many Deserved Blessings?

What does your belief from Your heart say to you daily? What does your mind say to you daily? Do they match in the same ideas? If not, then conflict will appear. Heart lives from feelings, Mind lives from ego..thoughts. When in conflict always Go to spirit for all your answers. Spirit may not always… More >>>

Get to the Root of Your Soulful Pain

Facing early childhood pain Is easier than most know. Think back to important advents, Ask self how you felt, This will open the door to Feel the moments so you Can be released to heal which you Will stop repeating the same innocent In the same way or other ways. This releases THE SOUL TO… More >>>

Are You Ready to Keep Your Freedom or Lose It?

Prediction…. R U Prepared? To move to the next level of humanity? To reinvent YOUR life? R U ready  to ATTRACT  the Positive vibrations, instead of the Negative ONES? Let me be of guidance JOIN MY PSYCHIC MONTHLY READINGS….be prepared to ask any question monthly at anytime, anywhere GO TO: More >>>

Don’t Get Lost in the Many, Many Uncertain Upcoming Changes

AMERICA is under attack, we can lose our FREEDOM if we don’t make the right choices for our family, friends, and our NATION. WE can/have to MAKE  america great again, so that the people will be able to choose how to live their own LIVES. Let “me” be of guidance JOIN : My Monthly Psychic… More >>>

Survival Truth

Being one with Spirit is the ONLY situation that will be your best friend, As we continue into the New World  Order. Open heart, to feel the silence. Open eyes, to see the real reality. Open ears, to hear Divinity guide you. Shut the mind up, It’s just to EGO based.   Let me be… More >>>

Our Lives are out of Control, Time to Change

The only way to healing is, letting go Of what no longer works, the ego, The entitlement attitude, the you owe me, The gadgets that are not allowing one To be free to be one with  spirit. Free choice of will, no one to blame but self.   Let me be of “guidance” into the… More >>>

Decisions Daily are Important in these Different Times

When waiting for anything to happen, Develop, or come to fruitarian, One MUST keep focused and committed To whatever the desire is. Be real, be dedicated to your dream, And carry that belief  in the heart. You deserve to have your desires Filled with exactly what you desire. Most people fail because they put the… More >>>

Spiritual Balance/Healing

Finding spiritual balance/healing with Others is never easy to do. It takes being conscious enough To make the necessary changes that Allows each to grow/ love/balance. When this is done, all of “ego” lets  go, Then the inner self is connected to the heart, Called being/feeling “heartfelt”. Then  co-creating can become opened, Manifestation/Living every moment… More >>>


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