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Addiction comes in many forms.
Chasing love, over buying, over giving,
Pain killers, over eating, anything that seeks
One to look for solving a situation
From the outside of self.
All situations can be helped/solved by
Going in and healing self through Divinity.
We are in an addictive society that encourages
One to reach for relief, not solve the problem,
Allowing the solution to become the controlling,
Destroying factor in ones life through the form of addiction.
This is a disease that each one needs to
Put into balance so one can be free to be the authentic self.
Opium is a killer that is prescribed from the medical profession
That is the base of many peoples self destruction/addiction.
Take charge and solve  the situation and not mask the situation.
Don’t let self destruction destroy your life in any form.

Let “me” be of guidance today.

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