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There is always a time fame that

We need to wait for another to

Catch up with the same growth

As ourselves.

However, if the waiting has no movement

Of change/readjusting to your life style

Situation, then you will need

To take a deeper look if the person

Really has any intention to make the

Necessary changes to make the relationship

Workable for the both.

Too many put years into waiting, putting

Life on hold, hoping, with no

New results showing.

This is never healthy, as eventually the

One holding back will make more and more

Excuses, delay, and eventually leave.

This is never healthy as it will

Bring too much hurt/pain/misunderstandings,

And waste the precious time in life.

If your happy in waiting, then it is

Not harmful, however, if you’re

Not happy with it…then it is not

In your best interest.

Move on for your highest good.

Life time is very short.


Let “me” be of “guidance” In your personal life

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