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It is very important at this time to “learn” to stay in the “now’. What does this mean? It will mean that what is happening in your life at this moment is what is reality. If what you are experiencing is connected to anything that is either in your past or your future thinking (of course, it will be connected to either) then you pull that thought into the present. It is not “why” is this happening? It is that it “is” happening and “what” am I going to do about it? We all have choices to do whatever we want about a situation, feeling, or experience. The most important thing to do is to “love” yourself, the other people in your situation , and the world for the way it is. When you allow this process to happen, then you allow yourself the forgiveness. This allows others to have the same forgiveness to do what they need to do for themselves in their growth. This then allows the world to be the best place for the humaness of each person to break away from the box of negativity. Staying in the “now” will transcend the self into the flow of the Divine Energy with the Divine Grand Plan of God. It is called the “Power of Now”. This is the only way to the freedom that will allow one to face the imperfection that one “feels” when one learns to stay in the “now” of self. Of course, in time one will learn to “love” the “essence of one’s imperfection” as God does. So much will come from this point of acceptance. We are deeply into the time of the “now”. Are you? This is one of the “gifts” I have been given through much self work to beable to pass onto you. I can help you open those precious doors of freedom for you. Through guidance and hard work, you will return to your “Authentic Self”. I am so glad that God is Blessing all of us. I pray for the “Power of Now” for all the world to use. I am all moved, settled, and ready to resume the work I love most… being a Guide to You. Until next time…..

In Love, Light, & Life,

Dyanne Yellowlight


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