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Being Authentic

In order to be your  authentic self,
One has to face the “shadow” side of self.
We ALL have this process.
Most souls are lazy and pass it onto others.
This very destructive to all.
There is nothing wrong with
Having beliefs that don’t work to
The highest good of all,
However, if not faced then a pattern
Of self destruction to self/others begins.
In time, the process fails as it is
Not part of the authentic soul.
It is ONLY the learning process of pain/suffering.
We are not meant to live this for a life time.
We are meant to discover, cleanse, heal
And get rid of the things in
Self that is self destructive…and to others.
You can when open, into reality, and
Producing happiness instead of unhappiness.
No, it is not others job to fix yours,
Nor is it your job to fix others.
One can enhance others as long as they
Are healing themselves.
Start today with this VERY
Important process that is a MUST for the
New generation of life.


Let “me” be of ”guidance” in this matter.
Hassle free, anytime, anywhere, get your answers on the run, send question to know what is for your highest good.

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