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When do we stop communicating
When another doesn’t
Share with us?
The road to anything
Successful is to communicate.
When one shuts down
Then another has no where
To go to find a solution
To any situation with that person.
Men are not verbal
And women are.
If one wants to have
A successful relationship
Then this door needs to
Be open all the times.
Men, women will stop
Trying to communicate
If you keep shutting
Then out.
Woman, its understandable
If you quit.
Men stop this insanity
That creates woman to give up
Or not shut up .
Woman, stop trying
As they haven’t learned yet.
Sadly, this division will
Cause any relationship to
Go sour, feel divided, lonely & hurt.
Both have to grow.
Men learn to communicate,
Women don’t try so hard.
The answer,
Finding balance
Between the two.

Let me be of “guidance” in learning to communicate.


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