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We usually have lots of consideration
For others, our men as well.  However, when we
Become to feel we are being taken granted of, then
We become “nagging”.

Also, woman…do only what other’s need to have done.
Quit going the “extra” mile unless you won’t become
Regretful when it doesn’t get appreciated/acknowledged. Woman take on too
Much and this becomes “controlling” and can become degrading in feeling to self/others.

Relax woman….others need lesson’s so they can become mature.


You can “learn” to be observant of your woman.  She needs to be
Acknowledged, heard, and said thanks too. “Words” are important to
Woman.  Asking if they need help, something, or to be heard is very,
Very important.

Woman:  Keep your “drama” short with “simple” ideas, words, or details.
Men don’t “follow” the looooooong emotions of woman. Ask in respect, treat others
With the “trust” they can handle their “lives” without you.

Men:  Learn to be “honest”….no lies. We want the truth and can handle the truth
if we are treated with acceptance.

BOTH:  No more “games”.  Do what you mean, say what you mean, KEEP your word,
and “learn” to treat others with compassion.  NO ONE knows what it feels like to “WALK”
in another’s shoes.  Have a 24 hour period of no discussion with ANYONE before you
go to solve anything with another.  (Responding instead of reacting in “high” emotions.

LEARN: To “co-create” with all!!!!!!!!!

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your life situations.


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