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When anyone is controlling
They are not secure with
The flow and process of life.
Taking charge and follow
Through is not the same
As taking control.
Usually when someone has
Parented another
It is controlling.


COMPLAINT:  You should be able to take better care of yourself.
REACTOR:  Quit telling me what to do.
COMPLAINT: I’m not telling you what to do.
REACTOR: Yes you are… make me feel stupid!
COMPLAINT: You always misunderstand me when I’m trying to help.
REACTOR: Whatever.


COMPLAINT:  Are you ok with the way you’re taking care of yourself?
RESPONDER: Why, don’t you think I am?
COMPLAINT: I know you’re doing what you can, however, I am concerned about a few things.
RESPONDER: You are concerned about what?
COMPLAINT:  You seem tired a lot, is there anything I can do?
RESPONDER: I guess you’re right..I am not going to bed early enough..I am tired.
COMPLAINT:  I know you’ll figure it out.
RESPONDER: Thanks for caring.

Should, would,  and could are all parental statements that can make another feel small and child like.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your life situations.


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