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Today I feel your pounishing me.
Maybe you are
And don’t want to admitt it
Because it comes across so suttle.
I honestly have felt this from you before.
I know I must  look into “me” to make sure I am seeing
That you’re really doing this to me.
Since I have been punished before from my birth family
I want to make sure that you’re not doing the same.
Or am I teaching you how to treat me?.
Could I be letting you punish me
So you can mistreat me and than I’d be punished.?
Which I am use to.
Which could allow for this to happen.
You think you’re not
And I believe in my “gut” you are.
This is important for our growth.
As you might need to see something you don’t want see.
Or I need to see something I din’t see.
I just know we need clairty quick.
Divinity I ask for “clairty” with the both of us.
Thank you for our Spiritual Growth.

Let me be of “guidance’ in your Spiritual Growth walk.


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