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Those who shut doors on others
Too soon, R those that
Have high judgment/ego attitude.
They feel like is all about them.
They say the love, don’t judge, care,
And make the decision when to cut off
Time, giving, love to another.
These people mostly don’t
Like confrontation.
What they don’t understand is it is
Not confrontation, it is a heart
Needing support, and the one giving,
Usually is receiving love from another,
However, they see things as…emotions
Are like a switch, they can be turned off,
Deleted from the mind, and never look back
At what part they also played in the situation.
Be aware, this type of person as they
Have one interest, judgment,
And attitude about the fear that the
Other will bring upon unresolved emotions.
They usually believe they have nothing
To resolve,  feel freely to put the insanity on
The other and walk away believing it
Has nothing to do with them.
Wrong, it usually has more
To do with them then the one being rejected.
Don’t cut out a soul if
Your soul has not been healed.
If it had been healed, the feeling
Would NOT to be to shut a door.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in this understanding.

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