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COMPLAINT:  I hate you, you never understand me.

REACTOR:  You never tell me anything…….you’re a B____.

COMPLAINT:  You’re a A__ H—-. I hate you.

REACTOR:  I’m going to leave, you’ll be sorry.

COMPLAINT:  Go ahead I don’t care!


COMPLAINT:  I feel that I am misunderstood.

RESPONDER:  Do you feel I misunderstand you?

COMPLAINT: Yes, I feel I am not heard.

RESPONDER:  I am sorry you believe I misunderstand you.  What don’t I understand?

COMPLAINT:  Did you hear me when I asked you how I looked?

RESPONDER:  No, I didn’t, I am sorry I guess my mind was somewhere else.  I can see why you’d feel the way you feel.

COMPLAINT:  I would like you to notice my efforts as I am not feeling good about myself.

RESPONDER:  Ok, I will be more aware, and I appreciate that you want to look your best. you do look very nice.

COMPLAINT:  Thanks.  I guess I am a little sensitive right now.

RESPONDER:  Thats ok…I need to notice more.

HINT:  Keep accusations out of the conversation, feeling statements about self, not the other, and keep the voice down.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your life situations.


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