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When anyone is in “emotional” drama,
Most situations will not fall into balance.
Most situations will end  with hurt/misunderstandings/
Pain/confusion/wrong words/hate/sadness.
Then a “separation” will take place with all parties.
Each will go into their “self” and do the best to understand.
However, much will be lost from
The trust/love stand point of any situation.
Repeating this which most do for
About 2-3 years will only “tear” what
Was “once” so beautiful/happy/joy/love apart.
Hard not to do, especially when so many
Need more “love” than was ever given to them.
Most are “lacking” love from the beginning
Stages in early life.
Some get a “little”, however more get “neglect”.
Woman need love/support from Dad.
Men need love/support from Mom.
Co-creating from both.
When these early stages are lost,
Not nurtured…..then it leaves a very “empty” child/soul.
Of course, longing to “find” love/nurturing
In each person they meet.
This won’t work as no one
Wants to raise another child.
Or they are needing the same thing.
Learning to “love” self/nurture self is the
Key into being able to “let go” of the abandonment
In the heart/soul.
It can be/is being done through “Divinity”.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your healing process.


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