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I am Dyanne Yellowlight, and I am going to bring to you thoughts and inspirations on many words and feelings. These feelings or words could be gifts into your LIFE of HEALING, MOVEMENT, and TRANSITION. We all know we are in difficult times. Yet, the difficult times are the gifts to our transending to the “ESSENCE OF OUR IMPERFECTION”……….Read on !!!!!!!!! The next feeling we will open to is: “GRIEF”…The dictionary states: “Keen mental suffering over afflication or loss; a cause of such suffering; mourning, sorrow, woe”.

“SPIRITUALITY GRIEF” is one of DIVINE/GOD’S greatest gift’s to us. When we have this feeling we are being asked to look at our HEART and to take care of it. For in the HEART we are being asked to look at wounds that have NOT been HEALED, and the present “GRIEF” that is upon the self is being asked to be healed. It does not matter if the “GRIEF” is new or past. What matters is that the time has come to ALLOW self to feel the sadness, the sorrow, the loss that is bringing so much pain unto one’s LIFE. Whatever has not been truely mourned….. lost childhood, lost parnet, lost friend, lost dreams, lost relationship, lost animal, lost SELF, etc……. allow yourself to feel this “GRIEF” and embrace it….. go through it. Only in our PASSION and DEPTH of our “GRIEF” can we once again come ALIVE to see the value of ourselves and the LIFE we want to LIVE. What can bring you through your “GRIEF” today? Reach out to whatever comes from the inspirational sound of the DIVINE/GOD in you…… PRAYER, SILENCE, ETC. Maybe you can not hear or see at this time.

I suggest to you to take yourself in this form: “EVENTHOUGH I FEEL ___________________, I COMPLETELY, DEEPLY, AND TOTALLY EXCEPT MYSELF, AND I KNOW THAT THE DIVINE/GOD IS HEALING ME”.

Remember, “GRIEF” shows itself in many ways. Yes, REGRET is a form of “GRIEF”. How are you handling this in your every DAY LIFE? How are you helping others? Your family? What have you left unsaid? There is always a time to think of the amends that might need to be said. We are responsible in our SPIRIT for the wronged we have done to SELF and OTHERS, and when this comes to our attention, that is the time to do something about it. Accept ourselves for our IMPERFECTION, and when we clear our HEART of the wronged to SELF and OTHERS…..THEN we are into our “ESSENCE OF OUR IMPERFECTION”. What about the “WHAT IF’S”, and the missed opportunities? Grieve, accept, and move on. Maybe you’ve “GRIEVED” too long? Accept, turn it over, and allow the DIVINE/GOD to heal your HEART. The DIVINE/GOD always has the restoration of peace, excietment, desire, and living the true moment of LIFE every moment we are ALIVE there for us to capture. Won’t you recapture your’s TODAY? DIVINE/GOD is Blessing YOU !!!!!! I am coming to YOU, SHOULDN’T YOU be coming to ME for GUIDANCE?………..



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