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Halloween-Real or Myth? (10-22-03)


I am Dyanne Yellowlight, and TODAY I am going to bring to you some light FUN information.

Did you ever wonder “How did “Halloween” come to be so called? The old Celtric calendar began on November 1st and, therefore, October 31st was the New Year’s Eve-the night on which witches and hobgoblins; (anything causing superstitious fear, a mischievious goblin–a sprite) rode about for one last fling. With the introduction of Christianity the old New Year’s Day became “All Saints’ Day”; or “All Hallows’ E’en.” Though the name was changed, the customs–and the belief that witches rode on this night persisted and have come down to this day. The dictionary states; “Witch”…a person, especially a woman, who professes or is SUPPOSED to practice sorcery, an ugly old woman…. INFORMAL, (interesting)…. an enchanting or charming woman. So, IF this a day that goes along with your “SPIRITUAL” belief and you celebrate… then being a unique witch, an ugly one, or even an charming one could prove to be MOST interesting. If you DO celebrate…… the witch is the orginial portrayal to be. WHATEVER you do…. BE SAFE, BE SMART, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, AND HAVE FUN!!!!

Remember, we are on the journey of LIFE and to SELF discovery every minute of our LIFE. DIVINE/INFINITE/GOD is Blessing you in all ways. I am coming to you, and maybe you should be coming to me for GUIDANCE. See YOU next time.

In Love, Light, & Life,



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