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What is it? Who knows?
In tangible terms
It may be different for each person.
For some, a better house.
A better job, a higher status.
For others,
A wife, a husband, a home and family.
Peace and tranqulity?

Yet when all that is achieved.
So many feel
That happiness, TRUE happiness,
Like some elusive butterfly.
Still flutters just over the hill,
Just beyond their reach.

But these things alone
Cannot bring happiness;
We must bring it to them.
It is not what we do, achieve or attain,
But how we do it.
It is not the prestige
Or power of the goal we seek,
But the fulfillment
We realize in achieving it.
That is the real measure of happiness.

And the road to that fulfillment lies
In the ability
To know our capacity,
The humility
To accept our limitations,
And the wisdom
To distinguish one from the other.

Let me guide you to the understanding of happiness for you in your life.


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