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                               HEAVEN OR HELL ON EARTH?
Did you ever think beyond a shadow of a doubt,
That the hell or heaven that is created on earth,
Will be the extension of the hell or heaven
YOU create when you leave here only worse?
You think, worse. you bet.
How do you think we pay back our destructive ways?,
Bad attitudes, abusive ways, uncaring, ego heart?
PONDER upon this, in this next world of hell,
It will be ALL hell reliving all the
Distress you created
While on earth, no excuses,
As we all have FREE choice of will to
Create what we want, out of our circumstances.
Choosing to live heaven in hell is never easy,
However, living heaven here so one
Can live a heaven where all get the
Message would not be so bad.
Ponder, which is your choice?
You All already are taking action, destroy or build while here,
All need to do is to CHANGE the action to a heaven vibration,
Leaving here to another world can be beautiful.
While leaving beauty here for others to vibrate with.
PONDER, please if you dare to LIVE life while
Here and Love life while here…take the loving action.

Let “me” be of guidance today.

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