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Isn’t it “normal” to be insecure, jealous, possessive, depressed, or miserable

If you define normal as the norm, then the answer to this question is yes! It is normal to see the insecurity, envy, arrogance, greed, possessiveness, depression, etc, in almost all of the people that we know. Many of our dysfunctional traits and stated are what we commonly call ” the human condition”. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call many of our aliments the result of the training in our Model of Doing. Too many of us have been excellent students of an inappropriate and faulty system for coping and living well. We have been taught that we are our feelings and that are not responsible for the way we are feeling. We excuse are inappropriate behaviors by saying things like, ” oh well, you know how upset he or she is “or “It’s not her or his fault because she’s or he’s having a bad time. We have been trained to believe that our feelings control us, that other people’s behaviors control us and that our reactions are not under our own control. “How often do we hear you say.. You are making me angry or jealous, etc? Or “The world is making me depressed because nothing is working the way I want it to” The model of ” you are what you do” not only implies that you should be able to control your destiny but that you should also be able to control others around you so that you achieve your goals. It does not teach us how to control ourselves and it does not teach us what our responsibilities are. If your goal is to be balanced, to act responsibly, to let go of the craziness of life, to learn Self-Esteem, and practice Social Interest, then you will find a small comfort in being one of many miserable people in the world. Unnecessary pain is the results from our insecurity. Insecurity is not a necessary condition of the human adult. It hampers maturity. There is enough real pain in the world that cannot be conquered. There is no need to make more pain. By learning to be secure with ourselves, we can eliminate the unnecessary pains, the “trauma dramas” of everyday life.


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