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I’ve been doing this all my life: why change now?

Because it no longer works. We do not change when life is working for us. Why only change when something is wrong. The problem with the Doing Model is that it works for awhile. When it stops working, we tend to believe that something is wrong with us and not with the model. Usually, when we are feeling good about our lives and about ourselves, we are not seeking change. When we are looking for new answers, something is not working, Timing is everything and we all have our own time. We will feel the need to change only when it is our own time to change. We will know when this time occurs because we will be in pain. If we are not in pain but are merely curious about learning the new Model of Being, most likely we will not change. Curiosity is not a good incentive for change. Pain is. If this is not the time for you to change, accept yourself for being where you are. If this is your time to change, know that will also be painful but that the pain will change and this is the cleansing and leads to growth. Growth is development and development means letting go of things that have worked before but not now. Development means learning new things that are strange and sometimes frightening. Let go of the idea that there is something wrong with you because you no longer function in the same ways that you always have before. No one else can decide when it is your time to change. You will change and the new tools will make sense when, and only when, it is your time. You may be experiencing feeling stuck; you want to change, but nothing is happening. During these times, it is easy to get frustrated and go back to the previous training. You may become goal oriented and feel you have failed because you cannot achieve your goal. Change is inevitable but it is not in your total control. Neither is your timing. When you are stuck and do not understand why, the best thing to do is accept yourself as stuck and practice loving yourself in your stuck place. This is not easy but it works. Eventually you will not remain stuck. You will move forward and the change will occur. Do not get caught up in blame of why it has taken you so long to change. Blaming yourself for what you cannot control will throw you back into Weak Ego. Where you are is where you are. You will always change. You cannot control timing. You can change in the ways you will change. Accept your timing just as you have learned to accept yourself. You are closer to your time for change than you realize.


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