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Concept by Ms L……..

Key:  Put 100% into anything and you’ll get 100% back…..put less…….you’ll get only what you put into anything back….soul money…this abundance never depleats, nor does it expand what is put into is solid!!!!!!!
Women:  Keep it simple…less drama…

Woman:  I am “feeling” anxious about our realtionship.
               I “feel” I am doing too much .
               I “need” a break with the chores.
               I have 2 things I need help with…….taking the dogs for a walk.
               I’d perefer that you do the dishes for 30 days…would that be possible?
               We could also take the dogs for a walk together…is that possible?

Men:  Its more than “working” that is needed….time to give up being a “veggin/do little” person. Time to co-          create…….your life together……share of your life.  It is your “home/car/camper/boat/cycle” to clean as well as hers.

I will be writting on different apporach’s to dealing with the “war” between men/women.  This is 2013 and we “all” need to grow up to be loving, helping, enjoying, sharing “adults” together. The war is “over” and “we” must as “souls” join “together” in the co-creating the unit….your unit.  “Stay the same…and remain alone”…re-arrange and create your visions…together…..Independant/Interdependant.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your “new” approach to life.


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