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The next 6 months will be running high from all souls
In High vibration..
This negativity is in each of us that has not been resolved,
Giving us the opportunity to cleanse any wounds, hurts, issues, etc,
That has not been resolved.
Only each can take their own responsibility at this time.
We all have a huge part into the destruction of the EGO
That has been built on creating PAIN in all.
Through yourself and Divinity, one heals their last wounds
That humans will carry over from the end of the cycle 2012.
The new cycle will not tolerate anymore of this negativity to destroy human kind.
Those that don’t take head to this,
Will destroy them self into a very closed heart/soul.
Take this precious time as a gift to heal
BEFORE the World Order collapses.

More on that later.

Let me be of guidance, I want to be your Psychic Advisor


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