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I am Dyanne Yellowlight, and I am going to bring to you some fun, interesting, and different information.

OUIJA BOARD: How did the “ouija board” get that name? “Ouija” means “yes, yes.” The name is a compound of the French oui and the German ja and no doubt is derived from the fact that the “ouija board” agrees with its operators; it is a mechanical “yes man.” The next time you use the “ouija board” remember that YOU are using your own power with it. Of course, a spirit or two could be helping you along. Always listen to the Infinite/Divine/God that is within your heart and soul for the clearest answers for your situation… “go within”. I can help you to become very clear in knowing “how” to connect to your Authentic Self. Go to my web page “Clairvoyant Readings”, to see how I work…… See you soon.

MOTHER EARTH: Why do we speak of the Earth as “great Mother Earth”? Among almost all peoples the Earth was at one time reverenced as the “mother” of all. The Romans, for instance tell a story of how the two sons Tarquinius, together with Junius Brutus, asked Delphic Oracle which one of them would succeed to the throne of Rome. The oracle replied, “He who shall first kiss his mother”. The two sons of Tarquinius raced home to find their mother but Junius Brutus fell to the ground, “Thus I kiss thee, oh Earth, great mother of us all”. He became king. We really need to become kinder to our Earth. What can you do starting TODAY to help our planet, your family, and yourself?

Remember, we are ALL connected as one. Infinite/Divine/God is BLESSING you !!!! I am coming to you from my heart of my soul to help you create the “ESSENCE OF YOUR IMPERFECTION”. Let me show and guide you to your highest vibrations in all aspects of your life. See you soon.




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