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Women ARE “over/emotional”…that is part of the “nature” of the other things you love about them.  Maybe, if you’d “give” them more emotional
support  and less “thinking’ support they wouldn’t have to “be”‘ so emotional.  Remember, this  energy is second nature  every minute of the day  for being an “over/emotional” soul.

Women…Slow down the “need” to be over emotional. Back off being so “supportive” all the time…pick and choose to what, when, how, you are going to be supportive.  If they don’t need it…don’t give it…give it to yourself./others


Stop the “insanity” to believe you have the “answers” to these men souls.  They are different in their emotional “thinking/feeling” even though they want “all” the attention on them. Yes, MEN, you’re attention seeker’s as well as us females!!!!  Let yourself become on “vacation” with healing them and spend it on self/others who “really”‘ want it…it’s not about “needing”’s about wanting to make things right/balanced/peaceful/the nest.  Stop so much “nesting” and start to “play/rest” like the men do so well.

Men..come on…”give” of yourselves freely and quit making woman “earn” every drop of love/support/caring.

All the above is soooooooo “out” dated for our time of soulage.  However, it will take men/woman to balance this..neither can do it alone…that is “why” we need each (dang it on both ends) other and  to stop keep doing the “dance of emotional insanity” as we know we want to get it is “balance”…BOTH/WE.

I am sure my boyfriend is LOL at me right now, however, he knows this is truth…just for US my love.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your relationships.


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