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                                                                                    OWNERSHIP/REALLY/THINK AGAIN
We think we own things/people.
We don’t.
We “borrow”  people/things
To enjoy, grow, experience,
And hopefully learn about ourselves with.
We must learn to respect everything
That is given to us through “divinity”.
We are here on earth for
Such a short time to experience
By “free” choice of will
What to do, what not to do,
And to come to some better
Understanding of the walk/lesson
Given to all while on this earth walk.
We never fail, we just experience.
Sometimes many things over
And over till we have a
Better understanding of ourselves.
Grow we must all do or we leave this
Earth very unfulfilled.
Nothing is over with the inner
Self, id’s until we leave our
Physical bodies.
Then who, what, when, how
We did or did not do will be gone.
The experience is over.
We become a different energy.
Live the best one can from
Moment to moment as that is all
We all have on this earth plane.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your earth walk.

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