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We all CARRY around
A pocket of THOUGHTS
Every minute of every day.
Whatever is IN that pocket
That day of thoughts,
Is what WILL get ACTED upon.
Unhealthy ones of SELF
WILL be acted out.
Healthy ones WILL be acted out.
Whatever you THINK you become.
This is the PROCESS of the brain.
It knows NO difference, has no
Emotions, and OBEYS as
TO what is PUT into it.
EACH one IS responsible for their THOUGHTS,
AND what THEY do about them.
The SOUL carries the emotions.
The SPIRT guides to the goodness.
Make SURE your thoughts
Are YOURS, not another’s,
What you want to happen,
And in the POSITIVE direction.
What you THINK you BELIEVE,
THAN you ACT them out.
WHICH brings the REALITY of the NEXT now moment.

Let me be of “guidance” of cleaning up your thought process in life.


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