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Woman see things differently.
Important to know it is through
Emotions that woman use their intuition.
Asking them to be less drama…..
Is like asking you guys to put down the toliet seat!
It isn’t going to happen.

Men:  I see you’re having some emotions about our situation.
         I see it is upsetting you.  What can I do to be of help?
        (Women need to talk it out to see their feelings…they just want to be heard.)
         Please, really listen with no distraction’s….woman can tell if you’re not!

Woman:  We are drama, we yell, we shout, we get over emotional.  That is how
        we let our feelings out.  However, the yelling, shouting, & condeming won’t work!
        Learn to take your voice down 3 octives and you’ll get results.

It isn’t the love that goes away in a relationship, it is the “behavior’s” that both get tired of and this destroy’s the relationship.  Co-create/balance each other..

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your life situations.


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