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Careful when using a quick mind,
intelligent mind & sharp tongue.

(Leslie…..I really got this one & it makes a big difference).



Your’re an asshole, unloving, controlling, and a lier. I hate you!


You’re no saint, you’re a bitch, controlling, unloving, and make me
react the way I do.



When you try to control me, are unloving & lie to me it makes me
not want to be loving to you.  I love you, however, your behavior
is not helping me or our relationship. Let’s communicate in understanding
& compassion.


I know my behavior is not the  right call, however, I am having trouble being afraid of rejection or
you’ll get mad at me.


I love you that is solid, and I will be better at understanding your fear of rejection.  Yes, I might get mad, however, that does not mean I don’t love you or want to be with you.  How can I be of help? Let’s work together.


I will remember you love me, not lie and come to discuss what is wrong with me, and I know it is my responsibility to take care of my insecurities, etc.


Anger, harsh word, cunning statements, crying, yelling, walking away in silence..(unless one states they need some space/ will discuss the situation later in a better state of mind)…will not lead to people wanting to love you/ be with each other.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your life situations.


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