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Stressed Out

Make a list of circumstances, things,and people you feel stressed about. Consider each item on it, one at a time. For each of them, scan your energy system. What physical sensations are you feeling and where are they located? Write down what you discover. (Is energy leaving your energy system with love and trust or in fear and doubt?)

Then say to youself, “These are the circumstances, things, and people that I resist in my life, and my resistance to them is what causes my stress.”

No amount of energy can change the circumstances in your life in the moment that you experience them, or the people with whom you interact. When a circumstance in your life does not meet your approval, it is notheless what it is. You lose energy by resisting it, and the consequence is the experience of stress.

Accepting the circumstances is relief of stress. Relief of stress is freedom. It is relaxing into the present moment.

Once you accept your life–greet it without resistance–you can determine what you need to change in order to create the circumstances and experiences that you desire.


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