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The understanding heart
Knows, that man/woman are flawed
And, so make mistakes.

The understanding heart
Sees that man/woman can be frightened
And, so is sometimes cruel.

The understanding heart
Realizes that man/woman are not omnipotent
And, therefore, will sometimes fail.

The understanding heart
Recognizes, beyond all this,
That man/woman is a striving creature,
Potentially noble, once in awhile even great.


Man/Woman can learn from his/her mistakes,
Make amends for his/her cruetly,
And, from defeat, rise to victory.


This understanding, then,
Can inspire our forgiveness
Of others’ human frailities,
And fire our resolution
To overcome our own.

Let me “guide” you to your understanding heart…bringing love, peace & serentiy back into your life & others.


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