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He/She rises confidently with the sun each day,
Sure he/she can handle whatever comes his/her way.
He/She doesn’t fear troubles that knock in his/her door,
Because he’s/she’s licked most of them at least once before.
So he/she says, “Let’em come. I welcome the test.
“Cause I can do most anything–if I do my best.”

He’s/She’s never backed off from a challenge or fray,
And he’s/she’s climbed every mountain that got in his/her way.
He/She knows what he’s/she’s made of way down deep inside,
And that you don’t escape problems by trying to hide.
So he/she says, “I’m here and ready if they want to contest,
For I can do most anything–if I do my best.”

Let me guide you back on “total” track to your greatest destiny in your


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