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Turkey/Amen (11-16-03)

Turkey….How did our native American bird get the name “turkey”? Guinea hens and cocks were first imported into England from Africa by way of the Turkish dominions – and so were called “Turkey” cocks and hens. When the American bird was introduced it was confused with the African and given the same name. Then, when a distinction between the two birds was finally established and the names differentiated, “turkey” was erroneously retained for the American bird instead of the African.

Amen…. What is the real meaning of “Amen”? “Amen” is generally accepted as meaning “so be it.” But in the Hebrew language, from which it comes, amen literally means “truly.” When we use the word at the end of a prayer or hymn we assert its truth and sincerity. “Amen” is also the last word in the Bible.

We are fast coming to “Turkey Day.”

May we all remember to be “thankful” for our spiritual connection to Infinite/Divine/God, our families, our friends, and the Blessings we have in our lives. Remember….”Amen.” I am coming to you, and maybe you need to be coming to me for guidance…see you next time.

In Love,Light,& Life,

Dyanne Yellowlight


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