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Welcome All…

I am Dyanne Yellowlight, and I am going to bring to you thoughts and inspiration on many feelings and words. These words or feelings could be gifts into your life of healing, movement, and transition. We all know that we are in difficult times. Yet, these difficulties are the gifts to our transcending to the essence of our imperfection… read on ….

The first feeling we will open into is : “Hope” … the dictionary states: “The feeling that what is wanted can be had or the events will turn out for the best; a person in whom or thing in which expectations are centered”.

“Spirituality Hope”, is one of Divine/God’s greatest gifts to us. It is a light that never fails, a burning desire that moves one forward. In each of our lives we have moments that we lose hope. Was it a lost love? A lost job? A lost child? A lost health? Whatever it is that takes the illusion of hope away, it is the same energy that can restore hope back to each of us in a minute. In each life we have a time when something that has us against the wall, can recognize and mastered, that transforms our life forever. It does not matter the reason, as divine/ God works with each of us in a way we can learn, and once we surrender, hope will restore the positiveness that we can have a new beginning!

What can bring you to hope today? Reach out to whatever comes from the inspirational sound of the Divine/God in you. Maybe you cannot hear or see it at this time. I suggest to you to take this to yourself in the form “Even Though I Feel ________________, I completely, deeply and totally except myself, and I know that the Divine/God is healing me”. You see, it is the unconditional love of self and acceptance of our imperfection that allows us to move forward. The Divine/God energy already does love and accept us. It is each of us that needs the lessons of the human experience to come to our essence in our imperfection. Embrace your situation as an opportunity, and bind it with faith.

Hope, is our friend on our life path, that tells you… “All will be OK, keep going on, you are through the worst, the light has been restored”.

Staying in the present, at the moment of inspiration, instead of going into the future or the past, will give you direction onto the transformation and the healing of your situation. It is difficult work, yet… it is the only work that will heal, and allow self to come to the unconditional love that is needed to be free of the destruction of our imperfected thoughts, and habits. We can love ourselves, and others as the Divine/God desires for us individually and a nation.

We all have known time of hopelessness and despair. We must give up the “old” ways that keep coming into our lives, and realize that we cannot continue to live the way of self-destruction.
“Hope” is one of the many ways that Divine/God is loving us, and brings this into our lives to use it to our highest.

God is blessing you!!!!

See you next time…

In Love, Light & Life,
Dyanne Yellowlight


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