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What can be seen for Ourselves and those we Love? What is Self-Esteem? #500-1 (7-22-04)

Many things WILL be changing very fast now so that we can all move forward into the destiny of Spirit in wholeness. It is time that the “Essence of our Imperfection” be dealt with and healed. What can you and those in your circle of souls do? Take TIME each and everyday to go inside yourselves and feel what makes the soul of yours feel disconnected. (I know everyone has too much in their life right now, however, one MUST make the room for this healing IF they want to have change in their life…rule of Spirit). Anything that leaves one to feeling out of control, frustrated, angry, hopeless, depressed, sad, lonely, wronged, etc. It does not matter the emotion. It matters that what is there is real to you and your identity and must be faced, cleansed, and healed. Staying in the NOW and PRESENT is the only way to deal with getting beyond this time. The ego will not like this position, however, it will learn to identify with the Authentic Self as you heal and enjoy this new part of the developing self. Just KNOW than many earth shaking things will appear in all our lives to open us to more consciousness. Do not fear or be afraid, just be prepared. (Staying in the Present-Awake).

I am going to talk on Self-Esteem and shed some light on this mis-taught concept. What is Self-Esteem? There are many definitions of Self-Esteem and what they all have in common is the concept of esteeming yourself. This translates to loving yourself, respecting yourself, putting yourself first, and meeting YOUR needs. Self-Esteem is the placement of yourself in very high regard. This means that you not only love yourself but that you ACT LOVINGLY toward yourself at all times. The best and the simplest way to think of having Self-Esteem is to imagine that you love someone very much, that you are always pleased to see them and to talk with them, that spending time with this person is what you most want doing, that you think of them lovingly and try to do the things to please them. Your beloved is the most important person in the world to you and you will do anything and everything that they know this. Now put yourself in the ROLE of the beloved and act exactly the same way to yourself. This is Self-Esteem.

Loving yourself and taking care of yourself are the exact opposite of what we have been taught to think and do. We have been trained to esteem others and external variables and to measure our self-worth by what we have or by how much we are loved. This is the definition of Weak Ego: our worth and esteem are dependent on something outside of ourselves and, therefore, outside our control. When we feel that our esteem is based on having someone else love us, or having the right job, or making enough money, or being “successful”, we are putting ourselves at high risk for insecurity and eventual feeling of failure. All things external to self are temporary. They are not ours and we cannot keep them. When we entrust our feelings about ourselves to these external vairables, when we feel esteemed because we are loved or in the right place at the right time, what happens when things change and we lose our loved ones or our job changes? Our feelings of esteem for ourselves go with the externals that are leaving us. And we are left feeling abandoned and depressed and without worth. This is insanity even though it is the “normal” way of being. Everything changes. Why risk our esteem to something out of our control! Remember… we can only control our feelings about ourselves and our behaviors based on our feelings. If we choose to love ourselves and to behave lovingly toward others, if we choose to have Self-Esteem, than we have control over ourselves. We do not have to risk losing our own, esteem, ever. If it gets lost, it is because it is coming from Ego… false identity, not the Authentic God Self. The true test of Self-Esteem is to have everything go wrong for us, to have this crazy world turn upside down and to lose all things of value, and to STILL love ourselves and to know we are loved. (Wow, sound scary? Not really) To treat ourselves in the most gentle, nurturing, loving way when we are in difficulty or pain just as we would treat another person who is hurting–this is having and practicing Self-Esteem.

Get going TODAY and START NOW. You will be glad you did for yourself, and will be the example for others to follow. Bless all in this crazy earth walk, which by the way CAN and WILL be mastered. So why wait? My guidance is available. Until next time.

In Love, Light, Life,

Dyanne Yellowlight


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