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What can I do when others hate me?

Others hate us when we hurt them, without something they need or want from them, inflict pain upon them, and victimize them. People tend to hate us when they perceive us as evil or ignorant or sick. Frequently people hate us for the weakness that we show and they fear within themselves or they hate us for our strengths which they feel they lack. Sometimes they hate us for no apparent reason. There is one major difference between hating and being hated. We can learn from being hated. We can use the fact that we are hated to produce change in ourselves and we can become aware of our behaviors and their effects upon others by focusing on why we are hated. If we accept the fact we are hated, then we can consider what we want to do about this hatred. We can ask ourselves how we feel about ourselves and whether or not we feel that we deserve this reaction from them. If we can acknowledge and accept that we are doing harm to some one else, then we can choose to change our behaviors. We can begin to recognize our own insecurities that are driving us to the illusions of having power and control over others. We can learn why we feel the need to place others in a one-down or victim position. We can begin to understand why we are doing harmful things, and then we can choose to change. We can let our enemies become our teaches to positive growth. Suppose that we focus on our behaviors and we feel good about what we are doing and do not recognize the need to change. In this case we feel that we do not deserve the hatred and there is nothing we can learn from it. Accepting we are okay and that the world is not fair will help us a great deal with the injustice of being hated. Just as we have the choice and responsibility for our own hatred, so do other, If our consciences are clear, then we do not spend our time and energy worrying about others’ hatred. It is really their problem and responsibility to deal with and we do not want to become victims to those who perceive themselves as our victims. This will create a lose-lose cycle for everyone. We can accept and let go. People who lack Self-Esteem will often hate us for not engaging in the Weak Ego with them. We cannot become people pleasers because we are afraid of being hated. People-pleasers are more hated then those that practice Self-Esteem. The hatred belongs to the person who feels it. The best we can do is to trust ourselves, check our consciences and how we feel about ourselves, change our destructive patterns toward others as much as we can, and let go of their hatred. We can learn to be loving first to ourselves and then towards others. and, in this way. we generate less hatred and more love in the world.


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