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What is a “Natural High”?

A Natural High is the end product from having Self-Esteem and Social Interest. Natural Highs are pure unadulterated joy of being. They reflect the love you have for yourself and the love you feel toward others. There is no other high in the world. This occurs when you feel connected with the universe and when you feel that you are a part of the whole. They occur when you recognize your own goodness and the goodness of others and the beauty that exists in the world. They occur spontaneously and sometimes in the strangest places at the oddest hours. They never occur when you are focused on the past. They require your presence in the moment. They do not occur because you want them to and they do not happen when you are working toward them. They are not the goal but the gift from God. The best way to experience Natural Highs is to practice Self-Esteem and Social Interest all of the time. This is how to be ready for them and to experience when it happens. Natural Highs cannot happen to you if you are under the influence of artificial high. When you are artificially high, you are trying to control feeling good and are dependent on something outside of yourself to make you feel good. Natural Highs are about feeling good from being and are not in your control. By accepting what you are, your humanness, by letting go of your needs and craziness, be experiencing the wonder of yourself and of others and by living in the moment without judgment or criticism, you leave yourself open to the Natural High. You are what you are. So be it. You are also more. So be it. Let go with love. You will experience your Natural High. You will be one with the Universe. You will belong. You will know your goodness and your Godliness.


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