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What is Social Interest?

Social Interest is a concept developed, which means the way in which we relate with others. It follows after Self Esteem, which is our relationship with ourselves. Social Interest flows from Self-Esteem in a natural manner because it is a human need to relate with others and to have relationships. It is critical first to learn Self-Esteem and then focus on relationship issues. The western model does not teach us to love ourselves, but to jump into loving others. We can not love some one else if we do not love ourselves. And we can not except others if we do not realize that we are worthy of loving ourselves. When we feel we are worthy we can practice Social Interest. We can do to others that we have learned to do to ourselves. We accept, we support, we encourage, we forgive, we suspend judgments, and let go when necessary. Social Interest is not about getting our own needs met through others nor is it about dependency and control issues. Social Interest is about being interested in others, and accepting of where others are and be encouraging to others. It means caring, sharing, supporting, and understanding other people as they are and not interfering or trying to change them. Being involved with others is one of our greatest challenges. Our practice is to have Self- Esteem and live with others. Relationships are our greatest joys.


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