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What is the answer?

The question has two possible answers and two different ways to behave, depending upon your answer to the question “How do I feel about myself right now?” Answer 1: ” I feel good about myself. I like what I did or thought or said. I am doing the best I can.” Behavior 1: Reward yourself. Pat yourself on the back. Smile in the mirror. Buy yourself a treat. Say something nice to yourself. Say, ” I did well.” Answer 2: “I feel bad. I don’t like what I did, said, or thought. I wish I had not done that. I’m uncomfortable about this.” Behavior 2: Do not punish yourself. Do not say bad things about or to yourself. Do not allow guilt to enter. Simply plan to do something different next time: to try another behavior or thought. Remember that you need to make mistakes in order to learn. Also remember that by making mistakes and learning from them, you will be expanding your repertoire and practicing utilizing your newly learned skills. You are human–you are imperfect. You will do things that you do not like–do not feel good about. Being human means that you are allowed to make mistakes. Having Self-Esteem means that you can forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Make amends. Be sorry. And then let it go. Get on with living.


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