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What is the meaning of life?

The only way to deal with this question therapeutically rather than philosophically is to the qualify the question to either “What is the meaning of my life? or “What is the meaning of life for me?” By personalizing the question, we have changed it significantly from something abstract and out of our control to something more concrete and manageable for ourselves. Each of us now has a choice about what we consider important and how we prioritize the essentials of our own life. The meaning of life, because of its subjective nature, must be found within each person. The answer cannot be found in the externals. It cannot be found in another person. Unfortunately, it cannot be handed to us, either in book or therapy. The best that another person can do is to function as a guide, to point out new directions and perhaps provide some new materials which may lead to insight. Others may help us learn new perspectives and present choices that we may not have thought of by ourselves. The answer to discovering the meaning of your life lies in the exploration of yourself. You give meaning to your life. The unexplored life is not life; at best, it is only part of a life. This exploration of yourself–your life–well may be your life’s work. It is difficult, painful, and requires great courage. In order to explore who you are and what your life is about, you must be willing to acquire objective “eyes” to really see yourself. This means that you must let go of the myths, illusions, and expectations that have accompanied you and helped you avoid the pain of living. You must be willing to “ride the pain” and drop your defenses. This is hard work, and like most explorations, involves commitment, encouragement, and energy. Along the way you will learn the art of living. First towards yourself and, later, towards others. The result of this exploration of yourself and your life is that you will learn the art of being whole, of being balanced. All aspects of you–mental, emotional, spiritual, and interactive–are in harmony and work together. You become more at peace with yourself and with your world. In the process of exploring your life, it helps to begin by looking for the meanings of life in the small, everyday acts of courage that are always present. Recognizing that life is lived in the moment, the here and now, and not in the past or future helps. It takes time and courage to stop “time jumping” from the past to future and to stay focused in the present. The meaning of life is found in understanding of the concepts of paradox, practice, and humor. Life is paradoxical, on all levels, and is the answer into securing life. This life is the rehearsal for what is to follow. And rehearsals are process which allows making mistakes in order to learn. If you are lucky and have good direction, you will receive encouragement while you are learning. The rehearsing–the process– become our performance. Living means practicing just as life means process. The third concept, humor, provides the bridge that allows us to live with the contradictions of life and death, sanity and insanity, good and evil. By using humor, by laughing at ourselves and with others, we can learn that life is not that serious, not that important, and not unbearable. Try this and you will begin to learn to be your “authentic self”. This allows us the become the “Essence of our Imperfection”. Start today.. you are worth it!

In Love, Light, & Life,

Dyanne Yellowlight


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