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What is your intention in Life?

It is time to understand what your intention in life is all about. What do you have planned for your future? This is the time where there are so many changes that it is necessary to know what direction you want to go.

One can go up if they create the right moves. If not then things will go down hill. Many good willed people are in this struggle at this time of our history. The changes that will come in the next 2 years will affect all. This is the time to downsize. To put what really is important into a place that you will beable to save what it is that will keep you going toward your goal and dreams. Emotions, family& spirituality.

I can be of help in guideing you of the decisions you might want to make happen. It will be a tight walk…but one well worth it.

You can look around and see what is happening. We all have our eyes open. Now is the time to change the things you can. You have the power to do so. Right now things can be easier to go through as you have the knowledge to do so.

The earth system is changing. The cost of things will continue to rise. Not because of the things that you are being told by the officials. We all are in a tight situation to make it work. You can and still come out ok. Start today knowing what steps you need to take to go through the process to be on the right side of the fence.

Take today and make the first step towards your peace and serenity. It is all possible. On the other side of this place we are in the right place to build a better tomorrow. Know what that place is for you. Find it and work from the depth of your soul. This is not the time to come from any fear. If you do you will block the answers you need to make the healthy decisions to be in better shape in 2 years.

I am here to be of help.


In Love, Light, & Life,

Dyanne Yellowlight


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