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When I feel that I’m not getting anywhere,
 I fell like quitting.
Sometimes I can see my efforts
And sometimes I can not.
It seems that anything that needs to
Be corrected
Takes forever…sigh
Then I must remember that it took me
Forever to get where I’m at!
When I learn to stay in balance
In all aspects of my life,
It is easier to correct myself before it goes to far.
I always have aware moments as I walk along
My day time again and again.
However, I seem to wait till a huge overhaul
Is needed.
Then I dig in with zest and begin again.
Only in a few days to start the “whinning” process.
Then I laugh and remember it is me and only me
Who created my situation.
So, I pick myself up with a silly smile
And go forward to regain myself.
Hoping that I won’t have to repeat this again.
Time will tell.
However, I will keep going till I master my desires.

Let me be of “guidance” in mastering your life.


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