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You seem to be yelling all the time.
Why R U yelling?
Could it be you’re frustrated?
Could it be that you need more air?
Could it be that you can’t hear?
Could it be that your insecure?
Could it be that you’re warning me?
Could it be your scared?
It could be many things,
The main thing is,
When you yell,
I can’t hear you
As it makes me not hear your words.

KEY: Any time anyone yells another can not and will not hear all that is being said. When the voice get’s activated than the words have a different meaning. (Watch the tone/inflection of voice) It takes much practice to lower the voice when in stress. Run in place and yell…this will take the energy out of self in order to talk calmly. Then talk with calmer energy, calmer thoughts, and the results a better chance of being positive/heard.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your life decision’s /practices.


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