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We are in a time frame,
If you snooze, you lose.
This is a very important
Time to heal any old
Wounds, insecurities, hurts, etc.
Sitting back and doing nothing
As if a “magic” wand
Will change what is each ones
Energy, self, being, & heart,
Will not happen on its own.
It takes focus, commitment, & action
To get this healing process moving.
No one can go back to the
Past and start over again.
That is the past.
All anyone can do is keep
Moving forward each day facing the
Situations with the people/s involved before
All clarity can be made/given.
Divinity has so much to give to an
Open active aware willing soul to
Evolve right now.
If your waiting, sleeping,
In hesitation…you will not
Reach the desired affects you are wanting.
Move forward, move on, let go.
Whatever it is that is keeping
Anyone stale mate…need’s instant change.

Let “me” be of “guidance” in your personal changes.


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