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I am a Psychic, Medium, and Clairvoyant, an Internationally Certified Intuitive-Empath, an Ordained Holistic Minister, and a Life Coach with over 50 years experience.  I am available to guide you and support you, as I have guided thousands of others. Self does matter and you are the self that can transcend to Joy, Peace, Happiness, Love, and Abundance.

Dyanne Yellowlight - Psychic and Clairvoyant

I truly believe that “what we believe is what we create.”

I work with many methods to transcend each client’s life into this new thought process through astrology, numerology, energy transference, visualization, color, sound, aroma, word connections, meditation, prayer, and of course, this is only possible through the Divine. Finding the combination to the methods that will transcend the client is the Gift that Divinity has Blessed me with.

I also realize that everyone works a little bit differently.  Some people like the anonymity of doing everything through email and others like the one-on-one contact that comes from talking on the phone or a video chat.  So, I offer all of these options to make you feel comfortable as we explore your needs.

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“Amen”  We Have Arrived…;

“Amen” We Have Arrived…;

Now that we have “Arrived” were we’re at, at the “Peak” Of the “Collapse” of the “Evil” ruling the “Flesh”.. To Co-Create Building the”Heaven” On “Earth” in Flesh…. Are you ready to “Let Go”? Plus “you’ve” walked the road of “Hell” in flesh.. Aren’t “You” ready to give up the “”Struggle”.? Becoming the “Souls” you… More >>>

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